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Hello, I’m Byron Whetstone, CEO of American Direct. The last time I shared a blog post with you I talked about the three parts of the business: one of those parts, or we call them buckets, is the American Direct fulfillment center.

We have nine American Direct fulfillment centers across the US, strategically located in various regions of the country. Each of those fulfillment centers has a city trade business, or you might call it an end user/aftermarket business. Those ADFCs,  American Direct Fulfillment Centers, also have stock inventory. We have regional presence.

The reason I bring this up is, we might not have been quite as focused on the ADFCs as we should have been perhaps since 2019. Our intention as we plan for 2023 is to reinitiate the forecasted business there to help support our national account programs that are have a been relatively new and to bring in some of the smaller contract projects that we have across the US. The centralized contract business has become a little bit difficult to handle when the jobs are under a certain dollar amount so we’re going to have the ADFCs begin to service and help us with that work. We estimate with those various locations we will also, at some point, maybe not next year but perhaps 2024 and beyond begin to bring in opportunities for systems and commercial integration as well as our own field service personnel for break-fix and job and project support.

Look for more news about the American Direct fulfillment center in the course of the next few months and we appreciate your business, thanks.