Integrated Hospitality Fosters Peace of Mind

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Integrated Hospitality Fosters Peace of Mind

Integrated Hospitality Fosters Peace of Mind

As millions of Americans take the highways and airports for vacations, holidays, or corporate travel, hotels across the country are ready to welcome them and so are the hospitality access control systems.  

Make sure your facility ticks all the access control boxes to make travelers feel welcome, give them confidence in their security, and provide peace of mind for their stay. Guests need to rest easy that unauthorized individuals won’t be entering their room (both for personal and material safety) and management wants to know that sensitive locations like control rooms, offices, and storage remain secure.  

Here are five ways your total access control system can help mitigate risks and streamline peace of mind for everyone:  

Key management: Most hospitality locations have a combination of traditional lock-and-key systems as well as keycards and card readers. The interoperability of these two systems can be challenging, but not impossible (especially with AccessNsite)! While issues like lost or stolen keys are unavoidable, staying on top of rekeying should be seamless. As part of your total access control system, key management can be efficient, secure, and allow for easy tracking and control over guest key access.  

Guest privacy: Ensuring the privacy of guests is crucial for hotels and is how they gain and retain a reputation of trustworthiness. Guests should feel confident their room doors are in good working order materially. This includes assuming their access is private (and unique to them), either by key, card, or other means of entry. Additionally, keeping their credit card data and identity information secure in both physical and digital files requires another layer of security considerations for software AND hardware. Adequate access control measures must prevent unauthorized entry into guest rooms or access to personal information. 

Employee access: Hotel employees cover a wide range of duties and need access to some areas but not others in order to fulfill them. Front desk personnel won’t need the same access as housekeeping or maintenance, and management likely needs access to everything. Proper access control is essential to restrict employees’ access to specific areas based on their responsibilities. Additionally, restricting access to potentially hazardous (and valuable) materials like chemicals protects both investments and liability. Limiting access to relevant areas on an employee-by-employee basis becomes much easier (and nearly foolproof) with an integrated access control system. 

Integrated security systems: Beyond keys and doors, hotels have multiple levels of security measures, such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and security guards. Coordinating access control systems with physical security measures helps detect and deter unauthorized access attempts, supplying an added layer of protection. Having the data from these measures available in one location, on-demand, often requires a modern software system or upgrade. However, AccessNsite is able to work with existing hardware in many instances!  

Technology vulnerabilities: Modern hotels increasingly use electronic access control systems that rely on technology like key cards or digital locks. While these systems can enhance security and convenience, they may also be susceptible to vulnerabilities, such as hacking, card cloning, or system malfunctions. Regular system updates, encryption protocols, and network security measures should be implemented to minimize the risk of such issues. AccessNsite offers scalable and rapid-deployment solutions no matter if you have a boutique hotel or are part of a nationwide conglomerate.  

Instead of juggling multiple systems, hardware, software, and “make dos,” give your guests the peace of mind and reputation enhancement that comes from comprehensive and total access control solutions. While a guest may only stay for a night, their experience – good or bad – can have a powerful and lasting impact on your facility’s reputation. Give them the peace of mind and confidence that their space with you is private to them. American Direct and AccessNsite can be your trusted hospitality partner offering the 28/8 products, services, and expertise needed to design, source, install, monitor, and maintain every facet of hospitality openings. Don’t let the unknown hold your access control back from being as robust as your guests deserve!  

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