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Create, Integrate, Control

I’m Byron Whetstone, CEO of American Direct. Since the start of 2022 I’ve been thinking an awful lot about context. What I mean by context is the value propositions, the value add, that American Direct provides is helping our owners determine how buildings want to behave.  I know it’s really weird to say that buildings behave but with technology and featureset that’s available from building manage services, to surveillance, access control, credentials all of it is placing the products that are in that building in a certain context. I think that American Direct is excelling at giving context to the industry for the services and value design that we bring to our clients. 

I think it’s important to think of this in three words, first is to create: we are creating technology solutions that tell an owner, suggest to an owner, coordinate with an owner how that building technology will make the building work for them, to behave for them. 

Second word is integrate, integrate is overused terribly in our space but integration between products is a value, it’s a technology value because the products don’t work by themselves, they work when someone has the skillset and the expertise to integrate them. 

The third word that I think is really important is control. I think in today’s construction environment, in today’s facilities in our environment, today’s building occupancy environment, owners want to control their own technology. They don’t want to outsource the control of their technology, they want to know what’s hanging on the networks, they want to know why those electronic locking products or the  electronic exit devices or cameras or surveillance or why that  mobile credential performs the way that it does. We give them maximum control over the way their buildings act so that’s the context that we’re trying to describe and hopefully we can do that for you in the future. 

Thanks again.