Installation & Field Service

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Installation and Field Service

We coordinate pre-install hardware, fabrication, onsite installation, and service agreements, all with a single point of contact to assist you throughout the project. And our American Direct Fulfillment Centers and engineering offices located throughout the country provide ongoing maintenance and support long after a project is completed.


Our national network of American Direct Fulfillment Centers and suppliers allows us to quick-ship custom doors and frames to any project anywhere. In addition, when unexpected modifications or repairs are needed in the field, our team of local fabrication experts is equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to keep your project on schedule.


When we pre-install hardware, you save time, money, and headaches. Our certified carpenters and lock masters are trained to install Division 8 hardware, as well as Division 28 access control products. After we install your mechanical and electrical hardware, we test to make sure everything operates correctly and there are no surprises after arriving onsite. Then we organize and label all door components before packaging according to the contractor’s specific requirements.

Onsite Installation

Our installation team has extensive experience with Divisions 8, 10, and 28 on both new construction and tenant improvement projects, including distinct experience in 28/8 integration. Prior to installation, our team walks through the job site to identify any potential challenges. We stay in constant communication with the onsite project manager to coordinate construction schedules. Just as important, our installers and integrators are always professional, organized, respectful, cooperative, and collaborative with other trades on site.

Service and Ongoing Maintenance

When we install a door (or 5,000), we make sure every component is built to perform for the long haul. Of course, repairs are inevitable, and we are equipped to handle any issue at the door opening — from seasonal closure and locking issues to electronic access control (card swipes, sensors, key fobs) failures.

With our national reach, we can respond quickly to resolve issues on site, prioritizing any service needs directly tied to physical security and public safety.

Contact an American Direct location near you for information on service calls.