Circumventing the Supply Chain Logjam 

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Circumventing the Supply Chain Logjam 

Earlier this year, in May to be exact, I presented you with the first of our three-buckets approach to today’s pressing market challenges. At the forefront of that message was identifying the ability to circumvent the supply chain logjam in a highly effective way, in a timely manner, and at scale. 

As lead times continue to lag, and product shortages continue to put pressure on the system, we have committed to navigating the waters in the best way we know how at American Direct: get creative. Our team of highly experienced sales professionals, engineers, detailers, and beyond know how to identify areas for flexibility, and have the resources to pursue products that would best serve you, our client, on budget and on time.  

No longer are we bound by the parameters of specifications for products that we simply cannot put into our clients’ hands. Instead, our team works diligently to review all specs, to use their deep product and industry knowledge to recommend products that will work seamlessly for their intended end use, and timeline.  

Leading the charge on this creative outlook is technology integration. By focusing on the overall business intelligence from day one, we save owners and general contractors both time and money with integrated doors/frames/hardware and access control. Supported around the country by our American Direct Fulfillment Centers, we’re ready to serve you.