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Pre-Construction Services

Doors can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. Our team brings decades of experience in door opening integration, including AHC and CDC credentials from the Door and Hardware Institute.

We collaborate early and often with contractors, end users, and design teams to provide totally integrated safety and security solutions that reduce costs, shorten timelines, and improve performance.

“What American Direct is doing with pre-construction techniques is cutting edge for the industry. With design assist, we are creating a platform for the owner, design team, and contractor to truly collaborate.”

—Mark Wilkerson, Senior Estimator, Webcor Builders


We provide general contractors and architects with Division 28 and Division 8 product recommendations, budget assistance, and in-depth review and interpretation of specifications — all with the objective of achieving a project’s distinct design, budget, and timeline objectives to provide a total security solution.


Our engineering team provides in-depth review and interpretation of Division 28 and Division 8 specifications, digging deep to identify any issues or opportunities for enhancement. Additionally, we provide specification writing for divisions 8, 10, and 28, guaranteeing all materials meet life-safety building code requirements while achieving design intent and overall security strategy.


With more than 25 years of experience in the door openings industry, we know what it takes to produce absolutely accurate project bid proposals. With our national reach, experience working on large projects, and exclusive expertise in 28/8 product integration, we have buying power with every major manufacturer, helping you get the best products for the best price. In addition, if we find issues in your specifications, we find ways to resolve the issues and eliminate costly change orders down the road.

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