Three Ways American Direct is serving the industry

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Three Ways American Direct is serving the industry



Byron Whetstone, CEO at American direct and we’ve been talking a lot internally about messaging and how we can describe the business of American Direct.

I think basically we’ve decided that we really have three basic tranches or three basic units in the business.

The first is the legacy contract business, which we now call the total security solutions business. Almost 25% of our mechanical door, frame and hardware business is now being supplemented or enhanced by technology design, surveillance credentials, technology in general.

The second bucket is the systems integration, commercial integration bucket and that business in 2023 will exceed $50 million dollars, so probably just under a third of our overall business. When combined with the technology bucket in total security it’s a substantial sized migration to electronics and security services that are relatively new to the company, only seven years. Of course in this bucket, we also have our access control platform AccessNsite. which We continue to develop.

The third bucket, which maybe has been a little bit unfocused or lacked focus from us is about to change, and that is our national footprint of our American direct fulfillment centers. The newest is about to be announced in Northern California and that business is where we do our end user aftermarket sales order business but also that is the business bucket that we’re going to serve our owner end user national account business. We’re happy to have some really significant migration, and that will have explosive organic growth in 2023.

So three buckets all for the betterment of total security solutions by American Direct. Thanks