Navigating Scope Gap

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Navigating Scope Gap

We’ve all seen examples of scope gap and it’s easy to throw around well meaning idioms like “expect the unexpected” or “prepare for the worst”, but how do you realistically mitigate something that could potentially derail your project?


At American Direct we have the experience and the expertise to not only to manage scope gap, but to help prevent it entirely. 


First, we understand the importance of continuous communication. Pre-planning is the first defense to preventing scope gap. Our sales team has the experience and expertise to find possible hardware compatibility issues, technology solutions and possible redundancies before the project leaves the planning stage. A habit of communicating frequently with owners and contractors allows us to stay on top of those unexpected gaps before they grow to be expensive road blocks.


Second, we have a firm understanding of doors, frames and hardware. As a legacy distributor for over 30 years, American Direct knows how to avoid compatibility issues, how to work around possible supply chain slow downs and how to keep the project on time and on budget. Identifying compatibility issues or hardware alternatives early can be a huge boon and a scope gap killer.


Finally, we are able to pinpoint redundancies that can save you time and money. Projects and plans can quickly become complicated, but you can save both time and money working with an organization who thoroughly knows the hardware, the technology, and how they interconnect and work together. Our triple combination of distribution, technology- forward service and integration is designed to provide solutions that make your project flow smoother and be more cost effective.


Sit down with one of our sales reps to see how we can eliminate your scope gap, wherever you are on your timeline, our team is ready to help.