Supply Chain Alternatives?

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Supply Chain Alternatives?

I’m Byron Whetstone, CEO of American Direct. The supply chain issues in the security industry are becoming very interesting. Lead times are extended, it is causing some very collaborative solutions to be required and internally we have been talking about it as supply chain alternatives. 

That means the specifications are being challenged. Historically, both in the security space and the contract hardware space, specifications have described the products that are going to be included in our construction, in buildings that are being built. But many products today have lead times in excess of 20-25 weeks. People are beginning to ask, is the specification really the product required or what can I actually buy. 

We are being forced to service our clients by providing supply chain alternatives. If you will think about this generally you might ask how long will this last, and what level of disruption  will it do to specified  products and services. I would suggest to you that if you look for supply chain alternatives you’re going to still find products that are serviced by American direct, we are a primary source for security safety mechanical doors frames and hardware and we provide a total security solution. Thanks