How an idea with heart is transforming an entire industry

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How an idea with heart is transforming an entire industry

No one could have predicted this moment 30 years ago – not even us. Our CEO, Byron Whetstone set out on a journey to solve a problem: how could companies with broad reach find the doors and hardware they needed, but at scale? Repairing one building, providing solutions for 100 openings is one thing. But providing enterprise-level supply and support is an entirely different one. 

Fast forward to now and you will see how an idea born out of necessity has grown to be something much bigger. Today, you see a company that has rapidly scaled to be an industry leader in providing not only the doors/frames/hardware that comprise legacy Division 8 sales, but also the holistic integration of Division 28 technology with an access control platform. 

Prior to this, small organizations and individuals were successful at Division 8 sales within their own territories, but now at scale, we can deliver this concept nation-wide; To provide leading-edge products and services to businesses that would have otherwise not been possible. The door, the lock, the frame, have laid the foundation of the future. 

Total Security Solutions, including Electronic Access Control, surveillance, and credentials, are the catalyst that has allowed for such rapid transformation. Modernizing classic lock and hardware configuration to meet the needs of the 21st century has revolutionized the industry of systems integrations. While we didn’t pioneer the modernization of the classic locks, we are actively playing a large role in the adoption and integration of the technology that surrounds them. 

With that comes great responsibility. American Direct puts the value of human lives at the forefront of our mission. With our customers, with our associates, and with our partners. We maintain an elevated level of personal and organizational responsibility to preserve a high level of integrity within the industry, and that is truly the heart of the American Direct difference.