Advanced Integration and Data Tools from AccessNsite

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Advanced Integration and Data Tools from AccessNsite

New import/export/API functionality improves connectivity and user experience

March 28, 2019

LENEXA, KS — Today, AccessNsite by American Direct announced major upgrades to its software, creating a powerful new data tool and API.

This new data transfer tool allows users to create and save their own templates, supports continuous data integration, and allows for periodic information exchange for reporting or other specialized needs. There are a number of powerful ways to use the Data Hub.

  • Active Directory (LDAP) Data Transfer – This feature uses Active Directory accounts to provide and manage the transfer of personnel, credential, and access privilege data.
  • Database (ODBC) Data Import – This capability provides the ability to import data (personnel, credential, and access privileges) from any compliant database.
  • Text Files (ASCII Delimited) – The existing file import capability has been integrated into the new data transfer tool.

In addition to the new data tool, this update also includes a new JSON web services API. This provides an easier and more widely used interface to the AccessNsite API.

“Through the use of our new API and new tools, AccessNsite users have more ways to personalize the way in which they utilize and manage their data needs, “said Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct. “Businesses can customize the capabilities of the system to meet operations and security requirements.”