AccessNsite – A total access control solution that is smart, simple and seamless

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AccessNsite – A total access control solution that is smart, simple and seamless

AccessNsite is a total access control solution with powerful systems interoperability and automation configurable to a building’s distinct needs — whether you have two doors to secure or 2,000 across multiple locations.


AccessNsite has four main features that provide you with a fully featured and a highly flexible access control system.


First, AccessNsite has been built from the ground up with completely open architecture. This modular design provides you with flexibility and scalability, both of which you will need to upgrade and adopt new technology, future proofing your ever evolving security needs. This open architecture design allows AccessNsite to run cross platform on both Windows and Linux based systems. It also supports a variety of databases including Microsoft SQL server, MySQL and MariaDB. This means that whatever your hardware/software set up, AccessNsite has a good chance of fitting right into your existing system.


Second, AccessNsite is designed to not only be incredibly smart, it’s also beautifully simple. All of its related security functions have been combined into one comprehensive and customizable user interface. This browser-based, mobile-ready platform allows you to securely access and manage your facilities anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it. Along with 


  • Cohesive hardware configuration for traditional and edge devices
  • Drillable engine to efficiently investigate events and alarms
  • System monitoring tools and event streaming
  • Customizable graphic maps
  • Real-time automated and filter-based custom reporting
  • Scheduling of data imports
  • Straightforward personnel and identity management


Third, AccessNsite is a Wireless/IP-enabled system that provides intelligent integration, seamlessly connecting with best-of-breed hardware and existing systems for simple, scalable, and cost-effective deployment and maintenance.

  • Preconfiguration with Rapid Deployment Server (RDS-2) for fast, reliable deployment
  • Integrate with existing systems — ERP, HR, visitor systems, MS Active Directory
  • Intelligent and IP-based lockset integration — WiFi and Live (wired, PoE, BLE)
  • Video, intrusion, and biometrics integrations


Fourth, AccessNsite has recently launched a full featured mobile credentials application for both ios and Android platforms. This application allows you to easily distribute, track and push credentials to all of your users. This also gives your users the freedom and convenience of using their mobile devices to gain access to their homes, rooms or places of business.


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