Why Hire 2 When 1 Will Do It All?

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Why Hire 2 When 1 Will Do It All?

Scope gap can not only wreak havoc on your schedule, it can be costly as well. When a GC solicits bids from subcontractors, it’s more than 3 bids and a buy. In a field where projects go off course and over budget, American Direct is your steadfast partner. Combining Division 28 & 8 innovation, we provide complete security solutions from physical opening installation to access control and everything in between.

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Clear and Concise Communication
You need a subcontractor with experience in Multi-Family. With every new door opened, your dedicated project manager is there beside you, offering innovative solutions to solve your current and foreseen security concerns with seamless systems integration.

Across the Country or Around the Corner

Our network of partners and vendors allows us to do the job efficiently and for the best price. Whether you have two doors or 2,000, we can meet your timeline, manage the budget and support you at any phase of your project.

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