Total Security Solutions and the Future

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Total Security Solutions and the Future


Hello I’m Byron Whetstone the CEO at American Direct, and we have just finished with our annual leadership summit and it was very rewarding to see all of our 80 plus leaders in the room together to be in fellowship and to support the priorities for 2023 and beyond.

You’ve heard me say that American Direct is totally unique in the security space and this is the focus of our time together and you will see us in 23 and beyond talking about Total Security Solutions and that is the legacy physical security business, the commercial and systems integration business and of course all driven by our electronic access control platform AccessNsite.

We have realigned the selling organization, we have changed the way we’re operating internally and are more efficient, we’ve improved some of our systems, we’ve implemented a new ERP and we are on the way to a nice rewarding future as an organization. You can find out more if you join us in Vegas, Las Vegas at the International Security Conference at the end of March and we hope you’ll see us in booth 8089, come see us!