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Thriving in the New Normal – Multi-Family Construction

We’re all impacted by the drastic changes brought on by the Coronavirus, but what does it mean for multi-family construction? It seems the new normal changes every day. As more people work remotely and avoid public places in favor of their homes, property managers consider the day-to-day impact of our new normal.

With more folks at home, there’s increased access to various doors and amenities within their facilities. Online shopping, food delivery, and other physical transactions place an emphasis on the need for robust access control systems. 

Like mobile apps for online shopping and restaurants, residents also want direct access from mobile phones, but end users need to ensure safety by managing access across multiple facilities to monitor residents and visitors alike. A cloud-based access control system may help. Residents enjoy ease of use and administrators can monitor usage of access points, analyze traffic patterns, and automatically control access to regions or common areas remotely. 

American Direct’s dedicated project managers provide design-assist services, helping identify the most cost-effective openings products.

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