AccessNsite Announces New VMS VideoIP And RDS Products And Bolsters 8/28 Product And Service Offering

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AccessNsite Announces New VMS VideoIP And RDS Products And Bolsters 8/28 Product And Service Offering


DALLAS — AccessNsite by American Direct, the innovative leader of open architecture access control software, announced today the launch of two new product offerings: a full-featured integrated VMS system, AccessNsite VideoIP VMS, and a powerful next generation appliance server, RDS-2. This announcement is part of the products and services AccessNsite is showcasing in Booth #3979 at the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits September 25-28 in Dallas.

Adding these two products to American Direct’s 8/28 channel strategy—combining Division 8 and Division 28 product, service, and expertise— sets the company apart as an innovative leader in the safety and security industry. Together, American Direct and AccessNsite are the only company delivering totally integrated 8/28 safety and security solutions through every phase of a project — design, sourcing, installation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

“Our VideoIP solution and RDS-2 server allow clients to rapidly bring access control and video management capabilities to their organization, big or small,” said Byron Whetstone, President and CEO of American Direct. “When accompanied by our 8/28 products and services, clients can count on American Direct for all of their safety and security needs around the door opening.”

Both the VideoIP and RDS-2 are slated to be available in early fourth quarter of this year.

Product highlights include:

VideoIP Video Management Software

AccessNsite’s powerful access control system is now integrated with reliable and easy to use Video Management Software. Clients can view video events through the access control software or, for more detailed viewing, through an intuitive web interface where you can, locally or remotely, access live and recorded video. VideoIP is a feature rich VMS that supports thousands of IP cameras through the industry standard ONVIF specifications. VideoIP offers efficient surveillance administration with recording through scalable NAS storage, offering entry-level video storage to enterprise storage requirements. VideoIP is bundled with AccessNsite on the soon-to-be released RDS-2 appliance adding video surveillance infrastructure to provide an out-of-the-box solution serving all access and video surveillance requirements. VideoIP VMS can be bundled with AccessNsite or purchased as a standalone solution.

RDS-2 Appliance Server

The Rapid Deployment Server 2 (RDS-2) is a compact size, all-in-one server that provides the full enterprise level AccessNsite access control solution as well as VideoIP, offering a cohesive security solution. The RDS-2 is a reliable, secure, and network-friendly standalone platform that offers optional rack mountable hardware. As an out-of-the-box ready solution, the RDS-2 can plug into a new or an existing network and can begin working almost immediately, with little configuration, and is designed to run with little or no support. The RDS-2 is a powerful solution that scales to control from 8 to 1,000 doors using access control panels or intelligent lockset solutions. The RDS-2 also supports AccessNsite’s new VideoIP VMS solution to manage viewing and recording IP cameras.

“The RDS-2 in combination with our hardware capabilities – doors, frames, locks – makes it so simple for our customers and based on the way it’s built, it requires little technology knowledge to setup and operate. It’s as simple as ordering another part number and you get access control and video capabilities,” said Jerry Glynn, American Direct’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for AccessNsite.

AccessNsite, formerly a division of Quintron Systems, Inc., was acquired by American Direct in early 2016 as part of their “8/28 channel strategy” to be the only company combining Division 8 and Division 28 product, service, and expertise to deliver totally integrated safety and security solutions at the door opening.