Will the Pandemic Impact Ever Cease?

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Will the Pandemic Impact Ever Cease?


Will the Pandemic Impact Ever Cease?

We’ve all experienced the COVID-19 disaster over the last few years and the impact on our societies and the world we live in is inescapable. We now mostly work schedules that are flexible in the office and remote, we eat in more unless we eat out by picking up the food fare and taking home. We travel less for work and until recently recreation travel exploded prompting pilot shortages and unreliable air carriers. In the earliest days of the difficulty the churches in this country were closed by a Federal edict without a shot being fired.

Of course, the US government in cooperation with the Federal Reserve made certain to limit the impact on business and employment with direct grants to taxpayers and loan programs for business. Of course, flooding markets with liquidity staved off the disastrous financial implications of the illness but now we have runaway inflation and pending recession.

The reality of the supply chain issues in the security industry are becoming very interesting as well. Lead times are extended, (40 weeks for an electronic lock from one source), surcharges for freight increases, and shortages of raw materials to build the physical security required. The result is some very collaborative solutions to be required externally and internally. The primary implication is the requirement to seek


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