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Amazing People We Call Partners and Friends


Amazing People We Call Partners and Friends

Education programs are vital to helping our partners create better futures for their communities. H.I.M. currently sends aid to 65 orphanages and schools across the globe. This support includes repairs to buildings, school supplies, feeding programs, support for teachers and construction of roofs and floors that allow a better learning environment for the children. Our partners are reaching the children that need our help. They are vulnerable, come from broken homes and some with special needs. We want to give these children the opportunity to learn and to have a better life. Assistance that we receive from our donors helps them avoid malnutrition, disease, abuse, and human trafficking. We think it’s important for you to get to know some of the amazing people that we call partner and friend. Here are a few of their stories.

Pastor Vashi in India – Pastor Vashi operates a school inside the “Trash Dump Village” which is on the outskirts of Delhi. He was called to start a church in the trash dump village in 2012. Of the 50,000 people living in the slum, almost half are children! He started the New Life English School which is a literacy and Bible education program which directly impacts the lives of hundreds of children. The children are at risk of disease, malnutrition, abuse, and human traffickers. Despite threats from neighboring Hindus and sometimes even the government, Vashi feels called to help these communities, especially the children.


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