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Digital Dallas Data Centers

Location: Dallas, Texas


Demand for access to data centers — facilities where companies store the huge computer servers that power their enterprise-wide technology — is exploding. And as that demand increases, the need for more and more data center space grows with it.
When Digital Realty hired Turner Construction to build a series of new data centers in a 70-acre data campus called Digital Dallas, the time pressure was intense: the company had just 18 months to complete the project.


Working with a trusted partner in American Direct, Turner was able to meet the hyper-aggressive timeline for the project. With American Direct’s early involvement in the planning stages for the facilities, the company was ready to deliver product to the job site the minute the need arose.

There was no room for error if the project was going to be completed on time, but because of the trust and rapport between American Direct and Turner, the project was a success.

“There are times when American Direct knows what the client needs more than the client knows what the client needs.”

– Turner Construction Senior Project Manager, Nicole Little