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CyrusOne Data Center


CyrusOne Data Center

Location: Phoenix, Arizona


The timeline on CyrusOne’s massive new Data Center campus in Phoenix — encompassing 57 acres and ultimately more than 100,000 square feet of office and storage space — was extremely compact.
The company filed its initial drawings in February 2012 and work commenced just two months later with a delivery date on the first office space set for February 2013. To meet the aggressive timeline, all contractors and suppliers had to work closely together to stay on schedule.


American Direct, which was hired to provide and install all Division 8 product on the project, used its conveniently located Regional Service Center in Tempe as a staging warehouse, sorting hardware and hollow metal doors for just-in-time delivery that kept the project moving forward without a hitch.
Some product installation was complicated by the limited time certain providers had on site. For example, the access control company was on site for a limited time, so American Direct installers were at their disposal to immediately address any mechanical issues that could have delayed their progress toward completing the security system.