1345 and 1333 South Wabash Condominiums

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1345 and 1333 South Wabash Condominiums


1345 and 1333 South Wabash Condominiums

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia


The first high-rise condominium project in Chicago since the economic downturn in 2008, was CMK Properties’ 1345 and 1333 South Wabash Condominiums in the South Loop district.
While many products on the openings schedule for the project were the same for both buildings, there was consideration that needed to be taken for unit entry: residents in 1345 Wabash own their condo unit, while those in 1333 are renters. Someone who owns property has an owner’s mindset and wants something tangible when it comes to unit entry, while apartment residents don’t have the same sense of attachment to their unit and prefer a card reader opening.


To fulfill the need for a variety of opening options to meet the functionality and economic request of the project owner and contractor, American Direct presented options that would satisfy the expectations of the all of the tenants.
The traditional keyed opening fit the mindset of the owners of the condo units while a card reader worked best for the rental clientele. The card reader, although more expensive to start with, provides more control on the management side and has a lower cost to maintain. When a renter moves out it is re-programmed, versus having to create new keys and dispose of old ones.