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Devon Energy Center


Devon Energy Center

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Building a 1.8 million square foot, 52-story skyscraper in the middle of a busy downtown is a logistical challenge most contractors never have to contend with. But when Holder Flintco was hired to build the new Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City, that’s exactly the challenge they faced.


American Direct was able to not only supply the contractor with more than 900 kinds of hardware, but to deliver it on an only-what’s-needed schedule that kept the compact job site free of inventory that wasn’t ready to be installed.

American Direct managed an extremely tight delivery schedule that ensured the product installers would need the next day was delivered overnight and ready for the workers when they arrived in the morning.

“We took the schedule and our given delivery times very seriously so that there was never a problem.”

— Kellie Volz, American Direct Project Manager