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In 1992, Byron Whetstone founded American Direct with the concept of selling value-add building components through specialty distribution channels. More than 25 years later, American Direct is the nation’s leading provider of totally integrated 28/8 safety and security solutions at the door, with 27 offices across the United States.

The company’s growth has been fueled by continuous investment in technology and innovation, strategic acquisition, and development of a deep network of industry partners. Most important, though, are the company’s nearly 200 associates, whose extensive experience in consulting, specification, logistics, installation, field service, integration, security, and access control allow American Direct to provide clients with unparalleled products, services, and solutions.


We do what we say we will do.

We maintain superior standards of quality and achievement in our work and workplace.

We work together to accomplish a shared purpose.

We all engage our best efforts to help the company succeed.

We are personally willing to answer for the results of our behavior.

We hold each other in high esteem. Each person is valuable and worthy of being treated with dignity.

We strive to be responsive, flexible, and adaptable to people’s needs, expectations, and requirements.


Byron Whetstone

Byron is the CEO of American Direct. Since starting the company in 1991, his vision and devotion to creating a culture of constant innovation has led American Direct on a trajectory of success. In early 2016, Byron’s progressive thinking lead to the acquisition of AccessNsite access control solution, an unprecedented move for a traditional door, frame, and hardware company. This innovative approach put American Direct on track to become the only company in the nation able to combine Division 28 and Division 8 product, service, and expertise to deliver totally integrated safety and security solutions at the door opening. Since its first full year in operation in 1992, American Direct’s revenue has grown from $1.8 million to $100+ million in 2016.

Jerry Pennington

Senior Vice President of Project Management/ Engineering
Jerry is a 40 year veteran of the openings industry and has been with American Direct for over 17 years.

Jerry Glynn

Chief Information Officer
Jerry’s past experience as an IT consultant to business and government executives, CEO of an online search marketing startup, and Senior Vice President of Information Technology at a financial services company, brings a broad depth of perspective to his roles at American Direct and AccessNsite. As the CIO for American Direct and CTO for AccessNsite, Jerry’s key responsibilities include leadership and strategy to align the company’s IT infrastructure with business priorities, advising on the most effective use of technology to enhance the company’s product offering, and serve as the company’s top technology architect.

Brian Ashley

Vice President of Sales
Brian brings more than 26 years experience in integration, security, and the life-safety field. Throughout his career, he has provided consulting and system engineering for schools, industry, government and businesses in design/build security and surveillance solutions. As Vice President of Sales, Ashley is responsible for the design, deployment, and implementation of life safety and security systems for the enterprise market, more specifically the merger of Electronic Physical Security (Division 28) and Physical/Architectural Door Systems (Division 8).

Kate Jones

Vice President – Project Management

Phil Marquardt

Chief Financial Officer
Phil brings a wealth of experience in finance and operations management including 20+ years in a Chief Financial Officer role. Phil manages the financial risk, financial reporting, accounting, billing and collections teams for American Direct.