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St. Anthony’s Senior Living


St. Anthony’s Senior Living

Location: Kansas City, MO
General Contractor: Straub Construction

St. Anthony’s Senior Living is an urban nine-story tower located in Kansas City, MO that features 120 independent living units. A premiere Kansas City general contractor, Straub Construction, partnered with American Direct and AccessNsite to provide Division 8 and 28 access control.


When AccessNsite came on board they were informed that St. Anthony’s had already begun work with a company using a platform for the Schlage NDE locks that is a stand-alone product where you are required to physically be at the lock to update the access control details for that lock. If a tenant moves out or moves in, the administrator of the access control would have to enter the credentials in the cloud-based system on their phone, then they would have to physically walk to the lock, find the lock in the app on their phone, pair it, and then update the lock. 


AccessNsite had an easier way. Security Sales Representative, Heather Rolli coached the general contractor and made sure they realized that the AccessNsite software could allow them to use the antenna of the Schlage NDE locks and push the credentials directly out to the lock. This would mean that the access control administrator could centrally manage all of the locks right from their computer or phone and would not have to physically go to the lock to implement the changes. This would eliminate substantial time and effort on the administrator’s end. 

The work with St. Anthony’s is a great example of how American Direct has taken on the next evolution of becoming a technology company. That technology can touch so many different areas of a facility or campus when the different platforms manage the housing, dining, and access control. AccessNsite simplifies the exchange of information by using critical data exchange tools and an API (Application Programming Interface) allowing interoperability and integration as multiple applications communicate with one another.

Project Details

A $25 million project including a total of 200 independent living, assisted-living, and memory-care units within a nine-story tower in urban Kansas City.


General Contractor: Straub Construction

Total Access Control Software Solution: AccessNsite

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames: CECO Door Products

Pre-hung Doors: KC Millwork

Wood Doors: Lynden

Hinges: McKinney

Gaskets and Thresholds: Pemko

Mag Holders: Rixson

Flatgoods: Rockwood

Intelligent Locks: Schlage

Mechanical Locks and Exit Devices: Yale