P-599 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

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P-599 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters


P-599 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Location: Quantico, VA


The new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA, was a total masonry project on an accelerated construction schedule, posing several challenges for the project team.

The main entrance to the building featured a full glass door with an arch-top with a starburst. In this case, the masonry opening was built before the frame was installed posing a challenge for the installation team.


To fit the main entrance door into the space where the masonry had already been built, the installers built the frame to fit the opening. The team set and braced up the frames while the mason built the wall around the frame.
This called for constant communication with the install team and coordination and teamwork between the installers and the mason. Furthermore, to meet the accelerated construction schedule, American Direct called upon its extensive resource network to meet the compacted timeframe. While it normally takes 60 days to produce an initial group of frames, 200 door frames arrived on site within 30 days.