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Belmont Village Senior Living


Belmont Village Senior Living

Location: Chicago, IL


Providing the perfect blend of comfort, care, and active living is the goal at Belmont Village Senior Living. When planning to open their 30th facility nationwide, the company searched for a location that would offer unique opportunities for residents in an urban environment. That location was Lincoln Park.

The brand new mid-rise building, finished in 2019, maintains the look and feel of the area with an architectural style very closely replicating the Nellie Black building that previously occupied the site.


American Direct was hired to provide totally integrated security solutions for the 120,500 square foot, seven story community. Pre-hung and bi-fold wood doors, as well as hollow metal doors, frames, and hardware were supplied. AccessNsite was selected as the access control software for the 149 unit building and seamlessly integrated with the selected lock sets. The most significant part of this project was the integration of 28/8 and developing a solution to address Belmont Village’s access control needs.