One Size Never Fits All: The Value Of A Totally Integrated Safety And Security Solution

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One Size Never Fits All: The Value Of A Totally Integrated Safety And Security Solution

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to access control. Whether it be education, healthcare, multifamily, or government, every project has its own site and vertical-specific needs and requirements. Healthcare systems need to protect sensitive information and patients, schools need to control visitors and implement lockdown, and multifamily end users need flexibility and ease of use for the end user, to name just a few examples.

As this recent article suggests, while the various verticals share a common need for physical security with managed access to protect people, assets, and premises, each project is unique and has a very specific set of requirements to keep buildings safe and secure.

The good news is, as the article states, “the continued evolution of networked systems has opened up powerful new capabilities for access control systems to address both these specific and common needs.” However, we know from experience that the best physical security and access control solutions are always custom jobs, requiring a partner who listens to the needs of the client and is innovative in developing solutions to meet specific needs and priorities. That’s why our team is about relationships and partnerships, not one-size-fits-all products.

Continue reading to see how American Direct and AccessNsite partner in every phase of a project to deliver totally integrated safety and security solutions that save clients time, stress, and money.

Case Study: Parkshore Retirement Community

When the Parkshore Retirement Community went through a $30 million renovation of the 17-story luxury retirement community, a significant upgrade to the door openings and access control system was a major part of the project. American Direct’s Vice President of Enterprise Systems, Brian Ashley, consulted at the outset of the project with the Parkshore IT manager to determine security strategy, Division 8 and Division 28 specifications, wireless network settings, and server configuration.

To streamline installation, reduce overall cost, and ensure reliable long-term security of the openings at Parkshore, American Direct pre-installed Sargent IN-120 IP Wifi locksets by ASSA ABLOY, which were also pre-programmed with AccessNsite access control software and delivered to the site ready to install. This saved the client more than $100,000 on the project and significantly reduced installation time.

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Case Study: PA College of Health Sciences

The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences was expanding its campus with new buildings, and the number one priority for the facilities director was to eliminate the more than 3,000 different keys he had to manage for all of the openings he monitored in the six different locations on campus. American Direct supplied not only the doors and hardware for the more than 600 openings, but met all the requirements for access control with AccessNsite.

The scale and requirements of the PA College project provided opportunity for American Direct to utilize its suite of product and services to develop a totally integrated safety and security solution for PA College.

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Case Study: Ventura Community Memorial Hospital

The impetus for the new 350,000 sq. ft. Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CA was a state seismic mandate requiring all acute-care hospitals in California to rebuild or retrofit their buildings to meet certain earthquake standards.

In addition to meeting strict state requirements, it was critical the project address the distinct safety and security issues present in the hospital environment (e.g. restricted access to sensitive areas and tracking and preventing the theft of vital healthcare equipment and drugs). American Direct and AccessNsite worked with the hospital, architect, and general contractor to deliver a totally integrated solution that ensures the safety and security of patients, staff, and visitors.

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