Top 5 Factors for a New Access Control System

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Top 5 Factors for a New Access Control System

Credential technologies have come a long way since first introduced over 30 years ago. Despite the availability of newer, more secure options, many facilities are still using antiquated and vulnerable access control technology. Whether it’s a physical key, fob, card or mobile credential, facility administrators may need to analyze their security ecosystem and prioritize plans to upgrade. Adopting advanced access control solutions give organizations the enhanced security and adaptability needed to thrive in an expanding digital world.

Security By Design

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to properly securing your facilities. A true access control partner can guide you from idea to installation, providing specs, logistics, field service, and ongoing maintenance.

Customers want to be able to control their entire security system from one place, but multiple system integrations are growing in size and complexity. Due to both increasing technology availability and security requirements, there is a need for user-friendly and straightforward architecture. The components of your access control platform should be sophisticated, yet easily manage the complex layers which should be transparent for the end user, leaving all the hard work to automation.

American Direct ensures your project stays on schedule and budget. We coordinate all parts of the on-site installation, service agreements, and long-term support with a single point of contact.

#1 Evaluate Your Facilities

  • The kind of locks you’re able to install are determined by whether your doors are made of metal, wood or glass.
  • What’s your door count? How many openings need access control? 
  • Can all the doors be hard wired into one IT closet? Where does it make sense for some locks to be wireless? Take multiple floors into account along with the distance of where the can wires run.
  • Does your vendor install the physical door components as well as the intelligent locks plus the access control system? A vendor who offers a complete physical and electronic security solution is desired over dealing with multiple contractors.

#2 Clarify Your Access Policies

  • Which doors may remain locked or unlocked during open or operating hours? 
  • What’s the volume of traffic in and out of your facilities and when? 
  • How many people need access to your facilities? How many levels of access are there? Define each level accordingly. 
  • How often are people added or removed from the access control system? 
  • Are there different access roles for managers, employees, and temporary staff?

#3 Define The Project Scope

  • What is your ideal time-frame to get the access control system installed? What are your hard deadlines?
  • What’s your expected budget? A design-build specialist may be required to accurately assess your facilities needs. Do you have existing infrastructure or are you starting from scratch?
  • Architectural aesthetics may be important. Choosing the right color and finish for a variety of equipment to match your openings is best left to a subcontractor or commercial integrator. 
  • Which credential is best suited to serve your needs now and into the future: physical key, fob, card, mobile credential or a mix? Do you require FIPS-201?
  • Will your access control platform integrate easily with your other systems and existing processes to create a seamless security solution? Ensure that your next security solution that integrates wireless/IP and PoE smart locks, security panels, video IP, destination dispatch (elevators), intercoms, intrusion and more.
  • On your team, who will be managing the access control system? How robust is your provider’s training and support so your staff can confidently protect and monitor your facilities efficiently?

#4 Selecting A Vendor

  • Do you have a history with your current provider or need references to discover a new security integrator or contractor for consultation and implementation?
  • Research manufacturers to see which integrators they prefer or work with in your area.

#5 The Quote

  • A thoughtful security review is money ahead. Consultation is often required to ensure you receive a complete and seamless total security solution that encompasses a variety of system integrations. 
  • A quality access control partner will do a free site visit or credit the cost of the site visit towards your bill should you decide to move forward with them.

The right partner listens to your needs providing you the consultation, logistics, installation, field services, training, maintenance and ongoing support so your team can confidently protect and monitor your facilities. 

Keep in mind that a totally integrated security solution provides you with the insights and tools needed to take control of your facilities and create secure spaces for people to work, live and learn.

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