The Total 28/8 Security Solution

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The Total 28/8 Security Solution

For each opening in a building, there are dozens of Division 8 components. From frames to locks and everything in between, it can be overwhelming to try and coordinate with an array of subcontractors, each responsible for a different phase of delivery, installation, and integration. Add Division 28 requirements on top of that and it’s easy to get inundated.

When an issue arises, it’s not surprising that fingers point up and down the supply chain. If an intelligent lock fails in the field, does the end user call the contractor, the manufacturer, the hardware distributor, the commercial integrator, or the electrician?

You need a company that can efficiently manage every aspect of your door opening projects — from design and specification to installation and complete access control integration. With American Direct, you get just that – a true access control partner with the 28/8 products, services, and expertise needed to design, source, install, monitor, and maintain every facet of a building’s door openings.

We own our OEM software, AccessNsite, and with its open-platform mentality, we are able to integrate with existing systems, leading credential and card management solutions, and advanced intelligent hardware. This flexibility enables us to significantly reduce costs, simplify implementation, and streamline ongoing management.

Our totally integrated approach provides you with a more efficient, more effective, and more reliable access control solution. It saves you significant time, money, and stress — now and in the future. Most important, it provides the freedom in knowing your buildings and the human lives within are safe and secure.