The only missing piece

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The only missing piece

I’m Byron Whetstone the CEO at American Direct, happy Thanksgiving. We had some really interesting meetings a couple of weeks ago as we began to prepare our budget for 2023.


One of the primary issues that we contended with is what is the product offering for our company across the entire system of the markets we serve? Access control, commercial integration, national accounts and of course mechanical doors, frames and hardware. Those products, in combination, have a very unique profile. We think that in combination they provide the highest value when combined together.  I think sometimes we compete with companies who think sufficient value is OK. We’re not a sufficient value kind of an organization.


We’re wanting to provide our clients and owners the highest value and we don’t believe, in that perspective, that there are very many competitors we have to deal with.  When we maximize our ability to provide high value, we will absolutely be a productive player for your security needs whether that’s  mechanical products, electronic video surveillance or even mobile credentials – have a good Holiday Season. Thanks.