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Total 28/8 Integration

American Direct combines Division 28 and Division 8 product, service, and expertise to ensure total integration in every single facet of a building’s openings — from the mechanical and electronic components of the actual door structure to the software and hardware that manages and uses the flow of data.

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Access Control Software

In today’s rapidly evolving, increasingly hostile world, you need more than just “access control.” You need totally integrated and safety security solutions.

With AccessNsite by American Direct, you get just that: a true access control partner with the 28/8 products, services, and expertise needed to design, source, install, monitor, and maintain every facet of a building’s door openings.

This totally integrated approach provides you with a more efficient, more effective, and more reliable access control solution. It saves you significant time, money, and stress — now and in the future. Most important, it provides the freedom in knowing your buildings, and the human lives within, are safe and secure.

Access Control Hardware

American Direct offers best-of-breed hardware from major manufacturers, including the latest intelligent and IP-based lock products from Allegion, BEST, and ASSA ABLOY. In addition, we offer integration with a breadth of leading software products, including AccessNsite, our smart, simple, and seamless access control solution.

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When we pre-install hardware, you save time, money, and headaches. Our certified carpenters and lock masters are trained to install Division 8 hardware, as well as Division 28 access control products. After we install your mechanical and electrical hardware, we test to make sure everything operates correctly and there are no surprises after arriving onsite. Then we organize and label all door components before packaging according to the contractor’s specific requirements.

Onsite Installation

Our installation team has extensive experience with Divisions 8, 10, and 28 on both new construction and tenant improvement projects, including distinct experience in 28/8 integration. Prior to installation, our team walks through the job site to identify any potential challenges. We stay in constant communication with the onsite project manager to coordinate construction schedules. Just as important, our installers and integrators are always professional, organized, respectful, cooperative, and collaborative with other trades on site.

Complete Service and Support

With our national network of integrator partners and American Direct Fulfillment Centers across the United States, we provide turnkey, customized service for projects of every size. Just as important, we provide local service and support for the life of your building’s openings, making sure they operate without fail.

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