Safe and Secure Multifamily Housing

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Safe and Secure Multifamily Housing

From high-rise modern condominiums to cozy senior living communities, we offer comprehensive security suites for a variety of projects. With the swipe of a badge, keycard, or ID card, AccessNSite combines the hardware and intelligence necessary for controlling access. Our all-in-one security system integrates with intercoms, video, intrusion, elevator dispatch, and visitor control to provide a customized and adaptable total access system.

This kind of access control technology will provide the end user with information they never had before. In today’s world it is critical to know who is gaining access to entry points and AccessNsite will allow them to track that and so much more.Brad Garlick, W.E O’Neil

American Direct’s dedicated project managers have a wide skill set. We’re there every step of the way, from pre-construction consultation and specification review to installation with comprehensive 28/8 capabilities and ongoing maintenance.

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