Responsive Security Solutions Amid COVID-19

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Responsive Security Solutions Amid COVID-19

Convention centers stand empty as do hotels. Most dormitories are vacant. Currently, public officials across the country are planning to repurpose some of these spaces as hospital facilities for patients with COVID-19. While social distancing measures are proving effective, but even so, public health experts are anticipating a strain on health systems that will include a shortage of hospitals beds as the coronavirus spreads.

The task is not without its challenges. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is expected to release locations and construction plans with details for converting viable facilities including hotels and dormitories into hospital overflow facilities to treat COVID cases soon.

General contractors across the nation are gearing up for the work of converting existing facilities which will require Division 8 and 28 products and services. As the demand for expanded healthcare increases, be assured that American Direct is your most qualified partner offering comprehensive physical and electronic security solutions. From inception, we provide a dedicated project manager that will take the lead working with construction, architects, maintenance, and security to ensure a seamless experience through the entire project and beyond.

By integrating intelligent security systems, American Direct and AccessNsite provide security at every turn – from the physical door opening to all-in-one comprehensive safety monitoring and customizable access.

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