Providing Upgrades without Teardowns

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Providing Upgrades without Teardowns

American Direct is the first (and only!) integrated solutions company in the United States equipped to design, construct and manage your buildings – from low tech to high tech, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your access control needs.  

Here’s why: We combine mechanical and electronic access expertise with advanced physical security technologies, reducing cost, improving performance and delivering true innovation.  

When you think about how best to secure your buildings, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Often, clients tell us they’ve had to make do with existing tech, build on outdated security, or juggle multiple access systems that don’t play well together.  

So, we developed a cost-effective way to upgrade your access control without starting from scratch.  

American Direct’s proprietary access control platform, AccessNsite, is the security industry’s most versatile technology platform available on the market.  

In short, AccessNsite is a total access control software solution.  

AccessNsite’s systems are configurable to a building’s distinct needs — whether you have two buildings to secure (like our friends at Missouri Western State University) or 200 across multiple locations (used here by the JE Dunn campuses), the AccessNsite platform scales with your needs. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution with efficient maintenance that saves your workforce time and money.  

And most of all, it’s simple, secure, and seamless, providing the best possible experience for deployment teams and users alike. 

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