Pre-Construction=Stress Free

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Pre-Construction=Stress Free

The security industry is said to be valued at $350B in the United States! Proper security is an ever-increasing need in a world that is constantly changing. When COVID 19 hit, the industry confirmed and expedited the importance and need of hands-free security systems and locks. With our Pre-Construction philosophy at American Direct, we believe that a successful project must include communication, specification, and estimation. These three pillars of pre-construction allow us to thoroughly explain division 8 and 28 criteria, CDC and AHC credentials, go over any opportunities for issues to arise and how to lessen them, as well as give you the opportunity to voice your questions to our wonderful staff. We are with you every step of the project and believe in setting the project up for success! 

Check out this project at the University of Houston, The Quad, on how we were able to successfully pivot halfway through the project due to COVID 19. 

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