New Hybrid Channel Paradigm = “Disruption”?

American Direct >> New Hybrid Channel Paradigm = “Disruption”?
New Hybrid Channel Paradigm = “Disruption”?


New Hybrid Channel Paradigm = “Disruption”?

Recently there has been some extensive speculation about the need for disruption/change in the “contract hardware distribution” channel. Examples given, include “pre-install of hardware before shipment to jobsites”, expected advances in modular construction, and an evolution of the general contractor as a more hands on channel partner. All those examples are true and momentum continues to increase these conversations.

However, for me and American Direct, the real disruption underway in the channel comes first, from the manufacturers whose products we sell and second from competitors we never thought would be in our space. The battle rages around us, as to who owns the door, and if you’re looking at that fight the future of technology at all levels in the buildings must be top of mind.

Manufacturers want us to buy products they specify, but our clients, our customers, even our general contractors want to discuss how the building is going to perform with the specified products or why is there a scope gap related to technology performance. The clients want to discuss what the field conditions are for the access openings, where the video surveillance can be located, is there a specialized credential that can provide data analytics for the building as it functions for safety and security. They also want to discuss how all of the technology can be incorporated at the door and what services we can provide…

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