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Ft. Leonard Wood


Ft. Leonard Wood

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


American Direct’s long-standing relationships with hardware suppliers allowed them to serve as a one-stop resource for the project contractor, Watts (the military division of Weitz).
In addition to providing the specialized acoustical assemblies to meet the sound control requirements, American Direct’s purchasing power helped shave costs off the procurement and installation of toilet accessories and compartments, fire extinguishers and extinguisher cabinets, corner guards, lockers and floor mats for five buildings.


Military projects often require extremely detailed specifications, and the 3rd Battalion Company Training Complex at Ft. Leonard Wood was no exception. For example, the Army Corps of Engineers had new requirements for sound control to prevent conversations in one room from being heard in adjacent areas.
This requirement necessitated the use of custom acoustical controls at many openings. Coupled with Ft. Leonard Wood’s remote location on the edge of the Mark Twain National Forest in the Missouri Ozarks, the project presented a number of customization and material-delivery challenges.

“American Direct came on board with their expertise, especially in doors and hardware, and their ability to put together specifications, door schedules and their purchasing power so we could work together and share cost savings. They are also interested in pursuing innovation beyond typical construction”

— Eduardo Rios, Supply Chain Manager, Watts