Looking for a Brighter time in 2021

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Looking for a Brighter time in 2021

Dear Friends,

Leadership of the American Direct business was incredibly difficult in 2020. We recognize that we were not and are not alone. When I think of the major issues in my personal business career this was somehow harder than 9/11, a different harder than 2008, and clearly the optics of human life versus economic survival created an income schism that will take years to overcome, if the stress can be overcome at all. Candidly, we have never been so challenged by trying to protect the lives of our associates and their families, we have gotten a bit lost in compliance issues and personal human rights. The election was also quite a trying time for the country’s history and no matter your side, the winners and losers were the people of these United States. Our prayers are legitimately for the success of this government to create thought leadership around infrastructure investment, making climate change less radical but still impactful, elevating a fair tax system without chewing up the entrepreneurial urgency that has driven the country for almost 250 years.

From our space, we continue to lead the industry on the innovation in Total Security Solutions and the article herein about the Quad Student Housing at University of Houston is a precursor for many more fully integrated security and safety projects. Also you’ll find my most recent comments about the loss of leverage in the commercial integration community. I hope you enjoy this edition of Total Access.

Let me conclude with the most powerful outcome we could have hoped for 2020. We had no reductions in force, no rationalizations in support infrastructure, and our strategies for 2021 are intact and well planned. The people that make American Direct what she is are always those we try to acknowledge in this introduction and we also thank the vendor partners who make this magazine a reality after these so many years. Best regards for you and yours at the Christmas season, where God’s plan for humanity was born (Luke 2). Looking for a brighter time in 2021.

  • Byron Whetstone – President and CEO – American Direct