It’s Not About the Lock

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It’s Not About the Lock


Hi, I’m Byron Whetstone, the CEO of American Direct. We’ve been having a lot of conversations internally about our suite of products and our suite of services. One of the things that has seemed to rise to the top of the discussion is, what about the electronic lock?


Electronic locks invaded the space about 10 years ago. Some said that they would be replacing all the brass key locks in the space, as you know that hasn’t happened yet, but I think we sometimes have too significant of a focus on the electric lock – because it’s not about the electronic lock. It is about the system that integrates with that lock.


Whether it’s surveillance, whether it’s credentials, whether it is some sort of coordinated effort to make the system in the building work and behave in a certain way all of those things are more important than having the lock as the focal point.  Yeah the locks are cool, they can give you great value, but don’t forget there’s a whole bunch of stuff that surrounds that lock that provides you total security and safety. Thanks.