ISC West Follow Up

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ISC West Follow Up

We did it again! Coming out of another fantastic ISC West we continue to be surprised by the quality and quantity of conversations we are having in the industry. Although not quite up to its pre-2020 numbers, the attendance was much higher this year than last. The venue floor was also busier and the sheer number of people dropping by the booth was definitely encouraging.


Our message this year, just like last year, continues to be one of disruption and transformation. We find ourselves repositioning our message from a company that just does 28/8 to a technology company that offers Total Security Solutions. This includes the legacy contract sales and installation business, the commercial system integration business and an access control platform, AccessNsite.


We are excited to see the continued growth in 2022, excited to roll out our mobile credentials and excited to introduce you to, coming very soon, our updated AccessNsite 2.0. If you would like to know more about the unique way we are disrupting the industry channels, reach out below to have a member of our sales team contact you directly.