Expanding Healthcare and Access Control

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Expanding Healthcare and Access Control

The conversion of existing facilities to medical housing is a priority. American Direct is your partner as the threat of COVID-19 places additional pressure on infrastructure to accommodate the need for medical housing. The Federal Government is considering retasking campus and private facility housing for emergency use in the university and DOD sectors.

Rapid Deployment
The conversion of existing facilities to temporary medical housing requires both physical and electronic security. American Direct can assist in rapid deployment when converting existing facilities, new systems deployment, design, preconstruction serviceslogisticsinstallation, keying, and other forms of physical and logical access control solutions.

At American Direct, we provide solutions as simple as the door install and as complex as an integrated electronic security system.

Security Solutions
Working with a dedicated project manager, we’re with you from spec to install and on-going services, so you get it right the first time, stay on budget, and meet your deadlines. Our fulfillment centers are located throughout the U.S. to serve you quickly and efficiently.

For More Information
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