Evolution Is The Name Of The Game

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Evolution Is The Name Of The Game

By Byron Whetstone, American Direct President

I preach the message of evolution and change to our Associates on a near daily basis here at American Direct. Evolve or become obsolete is my mantra. While change can be HARD, I look at it as an opportunity for innovation. Phil Aronson puts it nicely in this recent column in Security magazine.

Read “You Are Already Obsolete; It’s Time to Evolve” by Phil Aronson.

With technology advancing at lightning speed and the accelerated convergence of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic components of the door opening, evolution is a necessity. This rapid change has introduced significant challenges for our industry, as well as immense opportunity for companies willing to embrace true innovation in the delivery of safety and security solutions. The 8/28 strategy we’ve introduced to the marketplace is our answer to the changing times.

At this year’s Great Conversations in Security event, one of the hot topics discussed was “The Door. Who owns it? And Why Does it Matter?” Phil Aronson recaps it in this column and says:

“Architects are designing and general contractors are hiring door experts without consulting with electronic access control vendors. Both domains are largely ignorant of the other. Combine that with the fact that many security leaders do not have input into new construction until it is too late, and we then have a recipe for implementation and performance problems.”

Perhaps that is why we chose the innovation of 8/28—to be the channel that owns the door. Every single component of the door: from doors, frames, and hardware, to access control, and security, all provided by one company. By combining Division 8 and Division 28 product, service, and expertise, we can better serve our clients by saving them time, money and stress. And while change can be hard, the innovation that results makes us better for our clients and partners we serve each day.