Driving The Train Of EAC

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Driving The Train Of EAC

Industry veteran, Dave Sylvester, wrote this article in the September issue of Doors and Hardware magazinetitled, “The EAC Train Has Left the Station: Are You On Board?”

Sylvester discusses recent events that have taken place in the Electronic Access Control (EAC) industry and their impact on the traditional door and hardware distributor. One of the events mentioned is: “hybrid opening systems companies aggressively marketing Div8/28 capabilities.”

We’re proud to say American Direct is mentioned by name as leading the charge in providing totally integrated 8/28 safety and security solutions. As Sylvester says, “these definitive changes in our industry will shape future opening systems providers’ (door and hardware distributors) business models as either hybrid solution providers, creative partnering models, or businesses relegated to unsophisticated projects.”

While it’s great to be recognized by peers as a leader in this new world order, we are most excited by the fact that 8/28 is finally achieving the awareness and discussion it deserves as the path to both increased profitability and greater security of buildings, assets, and human life.

Note: Link to the article mentioned is courtesy of DHI and Doors + Hardware magazine.