The Way Forward in 2017

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The Way Forward in 2017

By Byron Whetstone, American Direct President

As 2016 comes to a close and we begin the exciting task of embarking on our 2017 priorities, I find myself marveling at American Direct’s unbelievable 25 year journey.

We very recently held our annual Leadership Summit, where team leaders from across the country gather to celebrate success and plan for the year ahead. At that meeting, I shared how our company was founded in 1991, in the guest bedroom of my Overland Park, KS home, with a DOS-based PC, a fax machine that was almost as big as the PC, and a “bag phone” for mobile communication (when I could actually get a cell signal).

I shared this story to demonstrate just how far we’ve come as a business, but also to illustrate the fundamental changes in the world around us. Throughout the years, we have evolved many times to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace, and in 2016, this continued growth enabled us to surpass $100 million in revenue.

Looking forward, we see even greater opportunity in being the only company in the market capable of delivering totally integrated safety and security solutions in every facet of every door opening. To accomplish this, we are eagerly embracing technology (designing for a world increasingly intertwined with the “Internet of Things”) and identifying opportunities to deliver innovation to our clients at every stage of the building lifecycle.

Most important, we are focused on delivering openings that help the people who live and work in our buildings to be safe and secure and free to live long, healthy lives. Ultimately, that is our number one goal.

We wish you the best in 2017 and look forward to an exciting and prosperous year together.