Industry Disruptor? Yes, please.

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Industry Disruptor? Yes, please.

By Byron Whetstone, American Direct President

A few weeks ago I read an article by a guy named Nicholas Webb, a world-renowned business futurist and innovation thought leader. As a management consultant, he has done work for Cisco, Intel, and other high-profile brands.

In the article, Webb focuses on three key disruptors in business and industry: disruptive innovation, consumerization, and connection architecture.

Disruptive innovation looks at changes that are dramatic, rather than incremental. A good example of this is Uber; but according to Webb, “we’re seeing it in virtually every business you can think of.” Webb goes on to say that the problem is when companies stand still and continue to do the same thing they’ve always done while major change is happening around them. The old “If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you’ve always got” quote applies here.

The second key disruptor Webb discusses is consumerization. Because consumers today have unlimited options and unlimited access to information about their options, companies must create an experience for their customers to differentiate themselves.

And the final disruptor is connection architecture, which Webb calls “a really big part in delivering more relevant information and solutions.”

I’m proud to say American Direct is on a trajectory to being an innovative disruptor in the door and hardware industry by offering totally integrated security solutions at the door opening. In fact, we are the only company equipped to wholly design, build, and manage door openings.
We deliver true innovation at the door by combining our more than 25 years of mechanical and electronic access expertise with the most advanced security technologies on the market. Sound like marketing jargon? It kinda is, but it’s also the truth.

We’re addressing the issue of ‘consumerization’ in the marketplace by giving our customers a unique experience with our value-add services, such as design assist and pre-installation. We strive each day to be innovative so that we may bring our clients a seamless experience from start to finish.

I agree with Webb’s assertion on ‘connection architecture’ as being a necessary component in business today. Adding access control and integration, along with AccessNsite (our industry-leading security software), to our suite of services is one example of delivering relevant solutions to our clients. Our hope is that offering totally integrated solutions all under one roof will make our clients’ lives easier.

None of these things would be possible without the invaluable associates at American Direct. They are the ones who are being innovative each day as they interact with our customers and live out the American Direct mission and vision.

I’d say Webb gets it right in this article, and we’ll continue to push the envelope so that we get it right too.