Adding Value in Multi-Family Construction

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Adding Value in Multi-Family Construction

American Direct has worked on hundreds of new construction and renovation jobs in the rapidly growing multi-family housing market, with a portfolio of high-rise apartment buildings and condominium complexes across the U.S.

On these projects, we offer more than just doors and hardware (though we certainly do that, too). We provide a single point of contact for pre-construction consultation, specification review, logistics, product sourcing, delivery, installation, total security integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Skyhouse Midtown
A prime example of this value-add service is the Skyhouse Midtown project in downtown Atlanta, GA. Together, American Direct and the architect collaborated to develop hardware schedule that met all fire, life safety, accessibility, and building code requirements, while meeting the owner’s design intent and eliminating late-stage budget surprises.
View Skyhouse Midtown project profile.

Stonebridge Terrace
One of the biggest challenges in multi-family housing is managing access control for housing units with high resident turnover. For the Stonebridge Terrace apartments project in Woodbridge, VA, American Direct providing installation, training, and programming for an innovative access control solution in which each resident has one key fob that controls access to their own unit and common areas, such as the fitness center and garage. When a
resident moves out, the key fob is reprogrammed. If a key fob is lost or stolen, the property manager can quickly deactivate.
View Stonebridge Terrace project profile.

Innovation at the Door
Byron Whetstone, American Direct President, says, “We strive each day to offer innovation to our customers. That means offering the latest and greatest technology, as well as finding a way to add value at every stage and with every stakeholder, including contractors, architects, designers, owners, and facility and property managers. It’s this combination of industry-leading products with client-focused service that ultimately brings real innovation to the door.”
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