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Beyond Access Control

The Security Ecosystem

The door is more than a frame, slab, and hardware; it is a dynamic digital ecosystem responsible for biometrics, card readers, video surveillance, and much more. Keeping up with innovations in the ever-changing tides of the door supplier industry has never been more relevant and important to providing customers with safe, efficient, and profitable spaces.

Always Evolving

The entire industry of access control is evolving minute by minute and end users are taking note. Those that have sat idle with their existing security systems are now perking up. They are not only intrigued by the kinds of technology now being utilized, but they are buying and implementing the most current technology to resolve their security issues. The goal of a modern access control platform is to mitigate risk which is accomplished by decreasing the threat level by eliminating or intercepting the adversary before the attack, blocking opportunities through enhanced security, or reducing the consequences if an attack should occur. They can’t afford to be outdated anymore. 

Seamless Integration

The total access control software solution with powerful systems of interoperability and automation configurable to a building’s distinct needs is the panacea end users desire. AccessNsite includes Rapid Deployment Servers, integration with existing systems, intelligent and IP-based lockset integration, and a VideoIP video management system. Staying ahead of the rapid technological change by constantly enhancing software and hardware products is essential. 

“We continue to innovate in Division 28/8 integration and support the key technology that is a part of today’s physical access control platform,” says Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct.

Data Translation Tool

The Data Translation Tool provides new and better accessibility to other data systems. There are two important components of this tool:

1) LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol/Open Directory). This is provides interfacing with distributed directory information from an IT community or enterprise, managing personnel badges and other identity information.

2) ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity). This operates with Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource systems to pull data from personnel and identity management solutions (i.e. People Soft and Workday). 

Another enhancement to AccessNsite is their new API (Application Programming Interface). This JSON (Javascript Object Notation) API is object-based and open standard file format. It allows multiple applications to communicate with one another. For example: a door service router talking to a software platform, or a video management solution talking to access control. The communication between the two, allows interoperability and integration.

AccessNsite is laser-focused on building compatibility with their technology partners, including Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, Best Access, Mercury, and HID. 

“We’re continually focused on our relationship with these vendors, ensuring AccessNsite compatibility across their suite of products while adding value to the end-user,” says Glynn. 

Examples of AccessNsite software enhancements in coordination with these vendors include:


Allegion CTE is an Engage enabled single opening controller that allows perimeter and common area openings to be managed in a single system, along with Schlage Control smart deadbolts, NDE cylindrical, and LE mortise wireless locks. The CTE provides wireless control of door openings involving a standard lock, door position switch, request to exit, and specific Schlage readers (MT11-485 and MT15-485).

Allegion RU/RM 

AccessNsite now supports the Von Duprin Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options available with its 98/99 and 33A/35A series devices.


AccessNsite provides an option for powering the IN120 Wireless Lock using a hardwired connection instead of using batteries, thus making it an online lock. This new model definition has been added into AccessNsite.

Aperio Features

Mercury has added several new features in support of its integration with ASSA ABLOY Aperior locks. AccessNsite software now supports these features:

  • Privacy Mode
  • Escape and Return
  • Send Time Down to Locks
  • Door Mode Notifications

Mercury Security

AccessNsite has also updated their compatibility with Mercury controllers:

Mercury LP Controllers (1501, 1502, 2500, and 4502)

The LP Series controllers are Mercury’s next generation of intelligent controllers that run embedded Linux. The LP series controller boards can now be used with AccessNsite.

Multiple Mercury Drivers

AccessNsite now supports up to ten Mercury drivers. This feature increases performance for installations with many controllers, allowing up to 50 controllers per driver.

Mercury Series 3 Serial I/O Boards

Mercury Security has released the latest version of their serial I/O boards (MR50, MR52, MR16IN, MR16OUT). AccessNsite now fully supports the Series 3 boards.

LifeSafety Power Hardware Kits

AccessNsite and LifeSafety Power have come together to provide new kitted solutions delivering a more efficient solution to the integrator. Pre-wired enclosures provide uniformity to your install and reduce the time to commission. Kits are configured to provide power for the locks, eliminating the need to purchase a second power supply.

Pelco VideoXpert

The integration with the Pelco VideoXpert video management system supports both VideoXpert  Enterprise and VideoXpert Professional and incorporates all the features supported for AccessNsite’s other VMS integrations:

  • Pop-up video on alarm
  • Video grid
  • Video scrubbing
  • Camera auto-discovery

A variety of video integrations are supported.

Whether the project needs an entry level system or a global enterprise solution, AccessNsite’s VideoIP offers a cross-platform video management solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs. 

Video IP:

  • Supports thousands of IP cameras through industry-standard ONVIF specifications
  • Features security ensured through SRTP Video & Audio Encryption and HTTPS Web Encryption
  • Features locally and remotely access live and recorded video for multiple locations
  • Offers fast and easy surveillance administration with recording through scalable NAS storage

Elevator Integration

Thyssenkrupp Elevator Destination Dispatch and Otis Elevator Destination Dispatch functionality is supported. The elevator user interfaces with a kiosk and, when access rights have been validated through AccessNsite, the user is directed to a specific elevator cab. The system is able to group passengers and stops, making it more efficient than traditional elevator systems.

Intercom Integration 

Aiphone IX Series IP Video Intercom and the full line of 2N IP Intercoms. Within the AccessNsite application, the user can configure intercom hardware, determine intercom status, initiate a call from one intercom device to another, and control the output on an intercom device.

“Our ongoing investment and development of AccessNsite is apparent as we continue to expand our technology alliances with key physical security and surveillance manufacturers,” said Jerry Glynn, American Direct Chief Information Officer. “These added integrations give AccessNsite users the confidence that their buildings—and the human lives within—are safe and secure.”

AccessNsite will continue to partner with end users, design teams, contractors, and integrators to deliver totally integrated safety and security solutions. Contact us for a free consultation or demonstration customized for your distinct needs.