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Beyond Access Control: AccessNsite By American Direct

To secure buildings, assets, and human life, you need access control: next-generation software and best-of-breed hardware, the most advanced mechanical and electrical components, and total integration in every facet of the door opening. Ultimately, though, you need more than just “access control.” When American Direct acquired AccessNsite in 2016, it became the first company in the industry to combine Division 8 (Openings) and Division 28 (Electronic Safety and Security) and design, source, install, monitor, and maintain every facet of a building’s openings. It’s more than just “access control”—it is a totally integrated safety and security solution at the door opening.

American Direct has invested aggressively in AccessNsite with four enhancement updates, and keeps a regular schedule of updates based upon market demands and technology innovation. And recently, AccessNsite announced two new products due out in early December 2017: a VMS VideoIP system, and a new RDS-2 server to bolster the 8/28 product and service offering. This commitment to offering a top-of-the-line software along with American Direct’s door and hardware products, services, and expertise is what sets American Direct apart in the industry.

Below is a high-level synopsis of AccessNsite product features that make it the smart, simple, and seamless access control solution it is today.

Centralized Data Aggregation

AccessNsite combines all related security functions and data into one comprehensive user interface.

• Powerful systems interoperability for seamless connection of systems, devices, and data

• Custom automation configurable to a building’s distinct needs

• Event streaming

• Scheduling of data imports

True Open Architecture

Built on open architecture, AccessNsite’s cross-platform, database-independent access control solution offers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and reliability.

• Runs on Windows and Linux

• Choose from a variety of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB

Efficient Integration & Deployment

AccessNsite integrates seamlessly with best-of-breed hardware — as well as existing hardware and systems — enabling simple, scalable, and cost-effective deployment and maintenance.

• Unlimited system scalability (2-1000+ doors/openings)

• Wireless/IP-enabled system, with Mercury panel support

• Preconfiguration with Rapid Deployment Server (RDS-2) for fast, reliable deployment

• Intelligent and IP-based lock integration

• Systems integration, including ERP, HR, visitor systems, MS Active Directory

• Integration of video, intrusion, and biometrics, including AccessNsite’s powerful new VideoIP Video Management Solution.

Smart Simplicity

AccessNsite’s easy-to-use interface helps users easily manage personnel, quickly and accurately assess events and alarms, and efficiently generate real-time, filter-based reports.

• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface with one-click navigation

• Cohesive hardware configuration (traditional and edge devices)

• Drillable engine to efficiently investigate events and alarms

• System monitoring tools

• Real-time, automated reporting tool with wide range of standard reports, as well as filter-based custom reporting

• Customizable graphical maps

• Easy personnel and identity management

• Web-accessible and mobile-ready

Total Support

• Comprehensive, customized training for users at every level.

• Local service and responsive ongoing technical support.

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