Anticipating the future: Being Sustainable

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Anticipating the future: Being Sustainable

Here are three ways American Direct is taking a more proactive approach to sustainability.


Sourcing: Because American Direct has been one of the leading providers of architectural doors, frames and hardware for over 30 years, we have the experience, knowledge and deep network industry partners to efficiently source exactly what you need. 


During a recent project in San Luis Obispo, American Direct worked hand in hand with the builder and owner to accommodate their goal of LEED Platinum certification and commitment to a high level of environmental responsibility. American Direct was able to consult on and utilize sustainably sourced doors using wood from managed forests. As responsible sourcing becomes a priority, American Direct has the knowledge and partnerships in place today to make sure that we continue to have the resources for tomorrow’s projects.


Technology Focused: We continue to see great strides in technology, in all industries, but the security industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. American Direct has the expertise to navigate emergent technologies and seamlessly integrate them with existing products. 


As security becomes more and more complex, American Direct is a powerful resource to help identify any potential scope gaps in the hardware schedule and keep your project running smoothly. On a recently completed project, our sales representative Heather Rolli was able to review the schedule and address possible concerns. She said, “We look at the entire project as a whole to ensure there are no gaps and try to catch issues during the project review”. In this particular instance she noticed that there were different manufacturers specified for the parking entry reader and windshield tags. By recommending an in-spec product with the same manufacturer she was able to eliminate possible incompatibilities and undoubtedly many headaches down the line.



American Direct is not just a hardware distributor, we are a technology company. Because of this, and because we have an active security access platform, we can jump into innovation significantly quicker than most. One of the innovations we have recently added to our AccessNsite software are mobile credentials. No matter how convenient fobs, cards and plastic have made navigating door openings, we know the foreseeable future is in mobile credentials. By not having to print, create and generate thousands of plastic key cards It saves on waste, it saves on time and it makes the unlocking space more sustainable.


We take our sustainability responsibilities seriously. We know that as a major player in the security space we can make a difference not only in protecting your buildings but in the future of the industry. By having a sustainability mindset, by being forward thinking, by being proactive, we will help to create a better world for everyone.