Analytic services will save you time and money

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Analytic services will save you time and money

Our pre-construction analysis and expertise allows us to take a complete top down view of your project, from doors, frames and hardware requirements to technology needs to simply installation minimizing other trade costs. Our door by door analysis creates a detailed use case study for each entryway to verify hardware compatibility, code compliance and functionality.

 Not only does this reduce cost and time, it provides an efficient strategic approach to each opening, reducing risk. A traditional access design includes hardwired locks and reader but a WiFi lock with a gateway may be a better fit. Providing instantaneous updates and lifesaving security.

 Through our pre-construction analysis of your physical and technology needs, American Direct is able to lower your overall cost, simplify the scope of your project and help to provide long term safety and security solutions. 

 We strive to be the market’s most trusted provider of design and implementation of total security solutions.

See how analysis helped on our 777 Tower at Novus project.